OpenSRP Content

The Open Smart Register Platform (OpenSRP)is an android application running on health care providers’ tablets or smartphones which has a strong purposeful design and a comprehensive nature of the solution, encompassing reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health care (RMNCH) services. The platform brings the functions and design of existing paper register tools that health workers have used through their careers into the modern age. It also facilitates patient follow-up by incorporating the client data flow that is automated through the robust service schedules that transitions the clients from one state to another while relating the previous and current client data for future reference.

In a single application, the app integrates previously discrete, proven innovations including: a client registry for enumeration and continuity of care; client's household details, eligible couples and mother and child registration; electronic forms with embedded logic and decision-support including checklists and algorithms for risk assessment; geo-fencing enabled by the location mapping per teams and team members, scheduling and service reminder tools; multimedia and IVR content for client counseling and reminders; and automated reporting into sub-district and national reporting systems.

This mix of mobile technology, information system, and support materials is designed to facilitate and support various aspects of health workers’ work, and enable a flow of communication between community members, community health workers, health facilities, and the decision-makers who receive the reports generated from the data collected.

The use of a unifying registry enables consistency of approach across all health domain areas, ensuring that the health worker does not have to switch between applications with differing user interfaces and functionality across health areas. This consistency and simplicity of interface and design functionality facilitates ease of use, common approaches to training across health domain areas and uniformity of technical support. Additionally, the Open Smart Register Platform (OpenSRP) is purposefully designed with end-users, to complement and bolster other robust and widely deployed information technology solutions, including OpenMRS for clinical records, and DHIS2 for reporting.