How is it different?

Smart Registers

With few exceptions, existing digital health solutions are either functionally limited, too customized to adapt easily, unscalable, or are not interoperable with national-level health information systems. A government-owned and operated, enterprise-grade solution is needed to connect frontline health workers to national health information systems to improve health service delivery, increase accountability, and generate real-time data for improved monitoring and evaluation.

OpenSRP is an open source platform, which allows governments and technology partners to easily adapt content and functionality to health workers’ needs. OpenSRP has a modular design, which makes it easy to include the existing modules, content, and functionality needed for each setting. OpenSRP is interoperable with other prominent, open source health information tools widely used today, including DHIS2, OpenMRS, and RapidPro.

OpenSRP was purposefully designed with end-users, which is evident in the positive feedback received from health workers and their ability to easily pick up and start using OpenSRP in their daily work. Health workers enjoy using the platform as it is intuitive and simplifies their workflows. The application also helps improve communication between health workers and their clients – especially for reminding clients when health services are due. Health workers also report how it saves time and effort spent on administrative tasks, like tallying and reporting, allowing them to spend more time providing care to their clients. OpenSRP empowers health workers with easy-to-use and user-friendly technology that allows them to feel part of the modernized world.