How is it different?

Smart Registers

Existing technology solutions are fragmented, unscalable, functionally limited, and are not interoperable with national-level information systems. A government owned and operated, enterprise-grade solution is needed to connect Frontline Health Workers to national health systems, which improves primary health care service delivery, strengthens accountability, and generates real-time data for improved monitoring and evaluation. The Open Smart Register Platform was purposefully designed with end-users, to complement and bolster other robust and widely deployed information technology solutions. OpenSRP is currently interoperable with OpenMRS (used for clinical health records) and DHIS2 (for district-level reporting).

OpenSRP is an open source platform in which governments can customize to their needs with minimal costs. OpenSRP is a modular platform by nature consisting of various solutions and features that can be deployed according to need. For example, an application for a Vaccinator would only need to contain the Vaccination solution while an application for a Midwife could contain the Antenatal Care solution, the Postnatal Care solution, and the Family Planning solution.

With OpenSRP, the Ministry of Health can have facilitated management of their frontline health workforce through real time reporting; an interoperable system that complements pre-existing systems; improved accountability and ability to provide donor organizations with key health indicators; and increased coverage of care.

Health workers themselves enjoy using the platform as it is intuitive and works to simplify their existing workflows. The application can be available in the local language and helps improve communication between client and provider – especially for scheduling care provision. It saves time and effort spent on administrative tasks (i.e. data entry, reporting) for the health worker while reducing the physical burden of paper and travel required for reporting and client visits. Lastly, if not most importantly, OpenSRP empowers the health worker with new, user-friendly technology that allows them to feel part of the modernized world.