Technologies & Vendors Supporting the Open Smart Register Platform


The Open Smart Register Platform (OpenSRP) leverages several popular open source platforms while incorporating new open source technologies developed to make it easier to create interactive and intelligent mobile interfaces. The mobile client consists of an Android application with a Smart Registry UI optimized for tablets. Data is collected on the app with Enketo smart paper forms, which are built to resemble paper, but supports advanced skip/form logic including constraint checks. The app is built to allow the health care worker to register, update client details, including transition from different registers e.g. antenatal care to post-natal care register, and review clients when not online and then sync intelligently when connected.

The Smart Registry backend, which provides ability to store basic patient records in a document-based database (couchDB), incorporates:

The existing MoTeCH platform which provides libraries that makes areas such as writing health schedules and generating alerts and reminders and RapidPro workflows for communicating via SMS and IVR more efficient. The Ona platform is used to author and organize the forms used in the application, taking advantage of the robust organization and project management functionalities of the platform.

OpenSRP integrates with OpenMRS for the primary health record store, storing the data in a format that is widely used and recognized in health systems around the world. OpenSRP also leverages on the OpenMRS robust reporting, user and team management and location mapping modules.



Summit Institute of Development

The technology partners include an information technology team assembled in partnership with Innovation Healthy Indonesia (PT ISI) a social enterprise business which brings together technologists and scientists to tackle development issues through the application of smart technologies and diagnostics with a systems strengthening approach. The team are a group of young award-winning programmers with strong backgrounds in game-development and extensive user-design experience bringing with them a strong user-centred development and design approach to their work. The tech team includes a lead software engineer, a backend server application developer and a client side application developer with expertise in the Android environment, a data manager, and two coders.



mPower Social Enterprises Ltd.

mPower Social Enterprises Ltd. focuses on designing, developing and implementing technology solutions to help development organizations do better program delivery, training, monitoring and knowledge management, thereby maximizing impact. mPower creates customized technology solutions for data collection, medical record keeping, reporting and monitoring dashboards, which assists community health workers to collect information easily and ensures accountability of their tasks to their supervisors. mPower houses a team of designers, software development and quality assurance engineers, network engineers, data visualization and analytics specialists and project managers. mPower is currently supporting OpenSRP by gathering its requirements and is part of the core development team.



Interactive Health Solutions

Interactive Health Solutions (IHS) is based in Karachi, Pakistan and has health informatics projects running in 15 countries and is focused on fostering equitable access to modern technologies for underserved communities. The IHS team specializes in providing open source solutions for mobile data collection, medical record systems, messaging systems, and interoperability. IHS has a team of more than twenty project managers, programmers, quality assurance staff, and implementation staff.

IHS is supporting IRD’s OpenSRP roll-out for ANC and childhood immunization programs in Pakistan as well as the core OpenSRP development team, particularly on interoperability of OpenSRP with OpenMRS and other systems.




Ona Systems is based in Nairobi, Kenya and employs a world-class design and engineering team that spans three continents to develop the data infrastructure to drive change. Ona works with partners to develop and implement technology solutions that afford new opportunities for governments, international NGOs and aid organizations to be increasingly data driven, collaborative and accountable.

Four members of the Ona team were involved in the initial development of OpenSRP in Karnataka State, India. Ona is managing the core development and technical adaptation of OpenSRP at each of the Thrive country implementation sites.

twitter: @onadata


ThoughtWorks is a global software delivery organization. Our mission is to better humanity through software and help drive the creation of a socially and economically just world. ThoughtWorks has 30 offices in 12 countries, and works with a broad variety of clients in the commercial and non-for-profit sector, including governments, NGOs, healthcare, retail, financial services, insurance, and technology.

ThoughtWorks was involved in the original creation of OpenSRP in Karnataka.

twitter: @ThoughtWorks