Open Smart Register Platform is an open source mobile health platform that allows frontline health workers to electronically register and track the health of their entire client population.

Using mHealth best practices — automated reminders and reporting, decision support, multimedia counseling — OpenSRP builds on existing robust mobile technologies to deliver a powerful and dependable application to frontline health workers, empowering them to more effectively deliver and account for the care they provide to their clients.



OpenSRP works offline, and data is routinely backed up to the server, making it perfectly suited for even the most remote settings.


Client health information is password-protected and encrypted with industry-standard encryption software.


Smart registers are uniquely designed to match the health worker’s specific workflows and improve the efficiency of healthcare provision.


OpenSRP remains exceptional in its breadth of features and coverage of health services – covering the entire RMNCH continuum of care and more.


OpenSRP is supported by the WHO and being implemented by Ministries of Health and reputable partner organizations in multiple countries.


Leveraging existing mobile technologies, the OpenSRP platform is built upon a solid framework that allows for easy expansion and adaptation to other settings.

Supporting Organizations

With Generous Support From

Wellcome Trust, Norad, WHO HRP, World Health Organization, Unicef, Qualcomm Wireless Reach

With Technology Partners

Ona, IHS, Summit, mPower, OpenMRS, SEL, RapidPro

With Health, Research, and Implementation Partners

WHO, JHU-GMI, Summit Institute, IRD, Harvard School of Public Health, FRHS, The Earth Institute, UNICEF

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